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Fife wins Ed Sander’s MABRA Cross Master’s 3/4 & Series Leader Jersey

96 racers lined up for the 10 am Master’s 3/4 race at the Lilypons Water Gardens yesterday. With heavy rain on the drive out, everyone anticipated a sloppy course. Just before start time, things started to dry up, and reports were coming in that it was fast and dry. Todd Bickling and Steve Fife lined up in the first few rows after call ups. In the chaos of the first lap, Steve managed to get into the front group, while Todd worked his way into the chasing group. Over the next 3 of 5 laps, the lead group whittled down to just 4 including Steve. By 2 to go, it was down to two with just Steve and Kenneth Morris from Winchester Wheelmen on the front, with a small chase group of about four following. Steve lead through the lily ponds on the final lap up until the gravel section, where he happily let Morris take the lead (and the wind) for a breather before attacking through the last section before the Beer tent and the top of the hill. From there, Steve maintained his margin to cross the line solo for his first cross win in 4 years. Todd rolled in for 8th on the day for two Bike Doctor’s in the top 10!

Team Bike Doctor win’s Jr 10-14 at Ed Sanders

Tanner Browne won the 10-14 Jr Men’s race. He brought a friend, Colin Velez, who completed his first ever bike race in a Bike Doctor kit…and it was a CX race! The course was dry and fast, so the hammer was down the whole day. Tanner managed to win solo with about a minute ahead of 2nd place.

U19 Mens at Charm City – Bike Doctor takes 3rd!

Bike Doctor Big Boy Battles at Nation’s 2010

Huge Transition Area

After a race season that was dedicated as rebuilding, Cliff returned to the Nation’s Triathlon this past weekend. Last year’s race was completed in the heat with no training or fitness so this year was supposed to be awesome.
He swam faster (2:31 faster), ran MUCH MUCH faster (15:53 faster), and was flying like a madman on the bike until…. PSSSSSSS. Flat front tire. At the point where he flatted, he had traveled 19.79 miles in 46 minutes and 14 seconds, posting an average speed of 25.5mph.

Check out the big ring

With his bike on his shoulder and a frown on his face, he was walking back to the transition area. Then he realized he could ride back with a flat front and still finish. So he took it easy and got ready to run. The flat course and cool temperatures were credited with the improved performance (oh yeah, and “the training effect”). Overall, he knocked over 9 minutes off of his previous time.

X marks the spot, rather the red pin marks the flat tire.

And before you give him a hard time about his cross-training with triathlons, there were several MABRA folks out there ripping it up.

Tanner 5th in 10-14 Jr’s at Turkey Day

There were about 20 Jr’s at the start line for a chilly Turkey Day race. A group of four got away on lap one with a 30 second gap. This group held that until the end. Tanner found himself in a group of 6 that worked well together. The average speed for this group was 21.23 mph for 6.6 miles. He managed to win the sprint from his group (at 30 mph)to net 5ht place. He’s on track for a great CX season that starts at Charm City this Saturday.

Tanner Browne

Turkey Day

St. Michaels Century this Saturday

Team Bike Doctor Racing in HUGE partnership with our supporting club, Bayside Velo is bringing the local cycling community a big treat. This Saturday, September 18th, is the St. Michaels Century.

Join special guest Bob Roll (Tour de France cyclist/commentator) and be a part of the Bike Doctor Tradition! Bicycle with friends or individually to the most scenic places surrounding historic Talbot County. We are offering three routes to accommodate everyone’s needs – from the bicycle club member to the recreational enthusiast – 30, 62.5, and 100 miles. Our flat country roads are great for training as well as sightseeing.

See your favorite Team Bike Doctor Racing members at checkpoints encouraging you as you complete your fun filled day of cycling. All routes begin and end in St. Michael’s. The rest stops are strategically placed to allow riders to relax and see expansive views to the water. The full Century route has a 20-minute ferry ride across the Tred Avon River to Oxford. There will be support staff at St. Michael’s Elementary School and staffed aid stations along the route. Check in and late Registration for the ride begins at 7:00 a.m. Start time is at 8:00 a.m., and strongly urge everyone to leave at this time. Riders can pick up their registration packets at the St. Michaels Elementary School. T-Shirts will be given to Pre-Registered Riders ONLY. Day of registration will be available for $50/rider.

Registration Here

Turkey Day Cat 3 Race Report

Steve Fife, Todd Bickling and Ian Morrison made the trip over the Bay Bridge to win Bobby Phillip’s turkeys.   At 63 degrees with a steady light drizzle the weather was more apt for a cross race than an industrial park road circuit.  Even though the roads were wet the new Turkey Day course had no sharp corners or hills for its 1 mile length.  A mild headwind on the backside would prove to be the only physical obstacle the course possessed.

With Brigham Lumm from R1V leading Sigberto Garcia of NCVC by 5 points in the season long BAR competition Fife counseled everyone to let those teams do all of the work and get in any promising breakaways that those riders were in.   A quick scan at the starting line revealed that both Route 1 and NCVC had full squads of 5 to 6 riders, while no other team had more than 3.

The race started out surreally slow.  Rain will have that effect on a race, but the sub 24 mph opening laps seemed downright pedestrian.  Finally a prime four laps in got everybody going and the attacks started.  This is when things got strange.

Sigberto wanted to beat Brigham to take the season championship and launched several attacks to get away.  Brigham marked them with a teammate and upon seeing this Ian bridged up to what he was sure was the winning breakaway.   Twice the four got away and twice Brigham refused to work and refused to let his teammate work, preferring to kill the break and keep Sigberto buried in the pack.  Ian had a hard time figuring out why Brigham wouldn’t at least attempt to go for the race win, especially with a teammate in the break with him.  Going one on one against your main rival in a four man beak in the final race of the season is epic stuff, but Route 1 opted for more conservative tactics.

Todd used one of the breakaways to launch a textbook counterattack with another rider and they were out of sight within a half a lap.  They quickly had over a fifteen second gap.  Fife rode tempo at the front and the gap continued to grow.   The break looked promising for a couple of laps, but after a coordinated effort – that strung the field out single file and opened some gaps – the pair was brought back.

A Bike Doctor Board meeting was convened at the back of the pack.  It was decided that a strong break needed to get away with neither Brigham nor Sigberto in it.  There was a slight problem as to whether NCVC would allow that to happen – if Sigberto finished first or second all he had to do was beat Brigham, otherwise he needed to put riders between himself and Brigham – hence the negative tactics by Route 1.  Right as the gavel dropped on the meeting a break went up the road with a Gam Jams rider and a NCVC rider.  Ian set about bridging across the gap, hoping that NCVC wouldn’t chase down their teammate.  Fife and Todd went to the front and set tempo.

Harry Fang, Nate Hakken and Ian worked well together and quickly built a 15 second gap which grew to :30+ over the field with a group of four chasing at :15.  The group of four (2 Coppi, All American and District Velocity) tried valiantly to reel the trio in, but as Shawn (moto ref) was giving both groups times Ian, Nate and Harry were able to increase the pace to match the surges from the chasers.  Harry took the sole prime that was offered in the second half of the race.  After his effort Nate and Ian would have been wise to attempt to drop him, but they all continued to work together.  In the last lap Ian looked over his shoulder and saw a blue and white DVR kit about 250 yards back, he attacked thinking that he could drop his compatriots, fend off the late challenge and solo in.  Nate had other ideas dragging himself and Harry back to Ian just before the final turn.  Harry used his sheltered last lap to full advantage and sprinted for the victory with Ian crossing second and Nate third.

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