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We’re DONE!

MABRA CX finals yesterday in Taneytown, MD. Team Bike Doctor saved just enough energy in our legs to race for the last time this season, and the results show that we still got it! Todd Bickling found the course didn’t suit his skills in the Masters 3/4 with a 14th place, but still managed to uncork a sweet sprint at the end. Gary Bryant, Steve Fife, and Sunny Gill put up one last good fight for 8th, 9th, and a top 25 in the Mens 3/4 race. And Tanner “Quiet Storm” Brown won the Junior 10-14 race as well as the MD State Championship Gold medal. In a Sven Nys like season of domination, the future looks bright, and we are proud to have Tanner racing in the Bike Doctor jersey.

So for now, we get to put our feet up for a bit and CHILL! Season’s over, time to reset. But rest assured, we will be training hard all winter, and will be lining up for the first races of the 2011 season. We have a new kit design in the works, and some extra firepower added to our roster. Hopefully we can bring some of our cross results with us! See you in 2011.

Tanner Brown-MD State Championship Gold medal

Tanner Browne wins MABRA Championship and MD State Championship Cyclocross title

Tanner Browne completed the MABRA cyclocross seasone with a championsip win in Taneytown, MD. This was also the DC, DE and MD State championship race. Tanner won the overall Verge title for series winner as well. The course was dry and fast which is unusuall for this race. Tanner had a great start and was in the lead going into the first turn. He was off the front for the whole race, riding a near perfect technical course. Jake Thompson of Squadra Coppi and Nolan Yager of Artemis were within 15 seconds for the first lap. Tanner kept the pressure on for the second lap and extended his lead to almost one minute. This is his second MD/MABRA CX title for the Jr 10-14 age group. Next year he’ll be racing the 15-18 juniors as well as the C men. Congratulations Tanner!

Gearing up for the Road – training rides in local DC area

The ending of cross season marks the beginning of winter training and long road rides as we get ready for next year’s race season.  This is one of my favorite time of the year mainly because I get to ride my bike without much thought behind the tactics, interval training, and power meter data. I always enjoyed “base miles” because they truly establish a foundation for your race season. If you could incur bad weather,  countless feet of climbing, and numerous bonks during 80 miles days, most road races in the season feel like a breeze. 

I hope that you guys are equally excited about the upcoming race season and gearing up for the road both in training and equipment.  There are several training rides in the area that combine both climbing and distance to mimic long road races.   For those of us living in DC metro area – there is 7 am SAT ride  (starting at Beach drive in Rock creek park) that takes through NW part of the city with a fast interval on Clara Bartin Pkw, followed by some steep hills.  There is also a 9:30 am ride from the same location that goes out to Seneca dr. towards River rd. – this is much more mild pace with lots of rolling hills.  I usually try to double up on these ride during the early part of the season.  On Sunday’s – there is a 8:30 that starts from Bicycle Palace near Beach drive, the ride goes down Goldsbrough rd and once again into Clara Bartin for some major time trialing.  I am also looking forward to the sunday team ride that starts near Cabin John Parkway (never attended before).

I hope some of this would serve as motivation to get out and get some base miles in prior to beginning of the next race season. Please feel free to post any other recommendations or  your favorite rides in the area, and I will make a sincere effort to join you during winter training.


Visions of Turkey

Once again Team Bike Doctor toed the line for the Ho.Co. CX Double at Schooley Mill on Saturday, and Rockburn on Sunday this past weekend. Another dry weekend was on tap, resulting in some fast racing over both days.

With the cross season winding down, the team struggled a bit on Saturday as vision’s of Thanksgiving, and some much needed “rest” are on the horizon. Results are as follows: Todd Bickling-Masters 3/4: 19th, Steve Fife, Gary Bryant & Sunny Gill-Mens 3/4: 14th, 15th & 16th (well, at least we finished together!), Evan Ellicott-Masters 1/2/3: 13th, and the only bright spot was Tanner Brown-Junior 10-14: 1st.

Sunday at Rockburn seemed to go better as everyone but Tanner Brown improved on Saturday’s result. Todd Bickling-Masters 3/4: 6th. FINALLY! The Bottle Rocket breaks the 7th place curse. Gary Bryant-Mens 3/4: 7th. Evan Ellicott-Masters 1/2/3: 11th. Tanner Brown-Junior 10-14: 2nd.

Looks like we have one more chance to get it right at the MABRA finals in Tanneytown on Sunday, and then we can pig out and sleep in. That is of course, if the Turkey we eat on Thursday doesn’t slow us down.

Beautiful CX Weekend

It seems the true CX weather is hibernating as we experienced another amazing weekend of warm temps. Team Bike Doctor quickly got to work with some more great results at both Saturday’s Vint Hill CX, and Sunday’s Luray CX. Two new CX venus, and each course was different and presented their own challenges.

Saturday at Vint Hill, Todd Bickling secured another top 10 with 7th in the Masters 3/4, with Big Bill Brown following in 12th. Steve Fife represented in the Mens 3/4 with a hard fought 4th place. And of course, Tanner “Quiet Storm” Brown once again let his legs do the talking with another Junior 10-14 dominating win. Seriously, can we make him late to the start just like Joe Dombroski so the other kids have a chance.

Sunday, Sunny Gill made the trip to Lurray Caverns, and was spelunking for a top result. After many tries this cross season, Gill stomped his authority on a 2nd place podium spot. Hopefully, he didn’t get lost in the caverns after his hard effort.

Howard Co. MABRA weekend is approaching, and we hope for more good results, and great “CX” weather.

Sunny Gill-2nd at Lurray CX

Tacchino CX = RADNESS!!!

We don’t know about anywhere else, but the MABRA CX scene is RAD!!!!! If you weren’t able to have a good time at the Tacchino CX yesterday at Rosaryville S.P., then you need to go and find another sport. Great venue, fast course, log hoping, beer, frittes, wieners, live band, and a moon bounce. What the hell else do you need? We raced. We hung out. We cheered. We laughed.

Tanner Brown got 1st in the Juniors race. Todd Bickling got 17th in the Masters 3/4 race. Sunny Gill, Gary Bryant, and Steve Fife got 6th, 13th, and 16th in the Mens 3/4 race. Evan Ellicott got 10th in the Masters 1/2/3 race. Results matter not when you are having a RAD time!

The Browne report form Tacchino CX

Tanner and I had a long day at Tacchino. C Men race, Maters 3/4 35+, Juniors and then the Tandem CX race. Tanner had a great outing in the C men and held his own. He’s learning how to work through a field and ride in a large group. I had a 71st start position and managed my second 20th place in two weeks. Tanner then went on to win the Junior Mens race with about a minute to spare. The two of us mounted a tandem for the first time and did a CX race on it. We had a great start, getting into 3rd, but two dropped chains later we ended in 7th out of 18 tandem team. All in all a great day.

Tanner Browne wins the Jr Mens 10-14 All Hallows CX

Tanner began the day racing in the “C” mens at 9 AM. He had a 42nd start position and managed to work his way to 26th! His second race of the day was at 1 PM in the juniors category. He had a great start fighting for 1st position through the sand pit. He eventually broke the elastic and ended up soloing in for a great victory.

Smashed Pumpkins at All Hallows Cross

Another great weekend of Cross racing for team Bike Doctor! Racing took place on Saturday at Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville, MD. The course was updated from last year’s non-MABRA event, and was an improvement with more twists and turns, as well as two challenging sand pits. In the Master’s 3/4 race, the Doctor was “IN.” Todd Bickling shot to the front like a bottle rocket, and was first through the sand pit with a clean set of wheels, while the rest of the field churned things up. After settling in with the top group of 10, Dr B. ran into some trouble with a couple of crashes, but still managed to finish in 8th. In the Men’s 3/4, Sunny Gill and Steve Fife clawed their way through the field and sand to post a 7th for Gill, and just missing the top 10 with an 11th for Fife. And the closest race of the day was the Master’s 1/2/3 with Evan Ellicott firing up his big diesel engine. From the gun, the Ellicott train left the station, and anyone wanting to win needed to get in line. Evan pulled a group of 10 around lap after lap and never came off the front for more than a few seconds. In the end, that’s what the race came down to: a few seconds. Entering the sand pit for the last time, Ellicott lead but was foiled by a lapped rider who managed to derail his train. Evan fumbled, and the two riders behind him capitalized on his mistake and took first and second, while Ellicott chased in 3rd. Beautiful weather, great venue, and some strong team results to get the weekend started. Tanner Brown report to follow soon.

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