Month: March 2011

Black Hills Circuit Race Results

Results for the Black Hills Circuit Race are here: BlackHillsResults2011.

Please note (especially juniors, women, cat 5s) that you were the first races of the year. USA Cycling officials were dusting off cameras and had some issues early in the day. We got them squared away as much as possible. Thank you.

Thank you all that came out to Black Hills Regional Park on Saturday. We hope you enjoyed the venue and the course. Hopefully, the park staff and public enjoyed having our circus come through Boyds and people got to check out a REAL bike race in action!

If you see us at the races or on rides, please give us feedback, both positive and negative.

These results are final. As a reminder, it’s your responsibility to check the results after the race and make sure you got scored correctly. We had lengthly protest periods.

Hopefully, we can keep this venue around and make it a MABRA staple for years to come.


Crash and Burn

Saturday, March 5th, a group of Team Bike Doctor riders assembled for a nice long day of climbing in the hills of Frederick, MD. Sunny, Brian Rist, Pete “Diesel” Warner, Fife, Dr. Bickling, Framos, and a couple of other riders from other teams set off by 10 am. A little wind and rain at the start, and we were quickly rolling through downtown Frederick when disaster happened. While rolling through an intersection, a car made a left turn from the right hand lane of a 2 lane one way street, right into our group. Sunny and Brian Rist were side swiped and Brian was nearly run over at the front of the group. The car ran over Brian’s wheel and thrust him into the ground head first. It happened so fast, but luckily, Brian was the only one to go down, and he ended up being OK. His bike, however, did not fair so well. Amazingly, the incident occurred right in front of a Fire Station, and EMTs were quickly on the scene tending to Brian’s wounds. Police arrived shortly after, and the offender did stick around to exchange information. Brian was then whisked away in the back of a Police car with his mangled bike in the trunk, back to his parked car, and then onto his day of pain killers and rest.

The rest of us soldiered on. The hills were waiting. We suffered up many of the famous climbs: Shookstown, Harp Hill, Gambrills Park Rd, Middlepoint, and Coxy Brown. At times, the going was so steep, it took everything we had just to maintain 6 mph. A few dirt roads thrown in, a LONG downhill run off of Catoctin Mountain, plus some rollers had everyone’s legs burning. Close to 4 hours at the end of the day, and some sweet Mexican food at Casa Rico in Frederick to finish things off.

Other than the awful crash for Brian at the start of the ride, it was a fantastic day for the Team!

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