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Black Hills Race Results

Thanks to all the racers who came out Sunday. We had a great time putting on the race and hope that we can keep doing it for years to come. For all the racers who decided to stay home because of the rain, you messed up! If it was because of the hill, we understand.

Results for the Black Hills Circuit Race: BlackHillsResults2012

Juniors and Women..STICK WITH US. We have learned over the past two years, that this course isn’t suited for mixed fields…so our next version of this race will be altered to make life on everybody with results of lapped riders, etc.

If you see us at the races or on rides, please give us feedback, both positive and negative.

Go check out a couple hundred photos that sobe took here.

These results are final. As a reminder, it’s your responsibility to check the results after the race and make sure you got scored correctly. We had lengthly protest periods.

Hopefully, we can keep this venue around and make it a MABRA staple for years to come.

Black Hills Victory. Best Ever?

Ryan McKinney of DC Velo rode like a BEAST alongside his DC Velo teammates to secure victory at the 2nd Annual Black Hills Circuit Race. In what is shaping up to be an instant MABRA Spring Classic, the bike racing was heated on the 1 mile circuit that features a short, nasty climb every lap.

Team tactics played a big role of the race with all the major MABRA elite teams flexing muscle. However, it was DC Velo’s day to shine as Jason Meidoff delivered McKinney to the front step to knock on the door of victory. Dave Fuentes of XO came in second with Meidoff coming in third. Bike Doctor’s own Nicholas Taylor finished 4th.

Thanks to “Patriot” who posted this finish on Vimeo. Best MABRA finish of the year so far. Escorted by a Porsche, then the lead-out for the win. But McKinney takes it another step with a well executed celebration with childlike excitement and even delivers for the camera. Well done on many fronts. Congrats to everybody who raced and had a good time. Enjoy the video.

BlackHills M123 finish from Patriot on Vimeo.

Yeah, We MTB Too! AFC Sugar Hill Patapsco XC Race Report

Jed Prentice and Jeff Chun started the MTB racing season on St. Patricks Day at the Adventures for the Cure Sugar Hill XC, held on the trails in the Avalon Area of Patapsco Valley State Park. The weather was awesome and the trails were dry and fast, but not too loose or dusty; near-perfect conditions. The course started on pavement near the Avalon pavilions and quickly headed up the “waterbar climb”. This was followed by 3 laps of a circuit loaded with punchy climbs, many of which are quite steep, without many opportunities for recovery, before descending back down the waterbars to the road and finish back at the pavilions for a total distance of 23.1 miles. The field was pretty big for the Expert race, with close to 50 guys all ready to show how hard they have been working all winter.

Expectations were low, as both Jed and Jeff are looking for peak form later in the season but neither could resist the “Baltimore Worlds.” The Baltimore strong men (including winner Chris Beck) were primed to make it hard… and they did. Positioning proved critical on the opening climb as the trail was packed with guys riding 2 and 3 wide. Jed missed the move and was gapped by the leaders. After chasing in vain for the first lap, he settled into a good groove for the second lap. Jed was able to bring back a few guys on the last lap to snag a spot in the top-10 to overcome the mediocre start and finish 9th. Jeff rolled in a few minutes later for 24th.

Thanks to the AFC guys for putting on a great race. Besides the racing, there was a beer garden and a variety of homemade edible goodies, face painting for the kids, free snow cones, etc., providing fun for the entire family.

Jed and Jeff are grateful for the generous support of the team’s sponsors: Bike Doctor, DigiSource Discovery Solutions, Elite Endurance Training Systems, Cannondale and CycleOps Power.

Tidewater Classic RR hosted by William & Mary Cycling

On Sunday, Bike Doctor p/b DigiSource sent a small contingent down to Williamsburg to kick off the 2012 road season.  Representing in the 123 race were Warner, Shelby, Cordova & Gill.  In the 3 /4 race, were Ramos, Bickling, Browne & Morrison. Everyone was excited to stretch the legs and get some good early season racing in during a beautiful spring day.

And now for the nitty gritty details. The 123 crew just barely got to the start line in time and were casually waiting, unclipped, some standing by their bikes when the official blew the start whistle…and that’s how the first race of the season starts!

The guys played things conservative working to cover moves that made sense in the early laps. The first real move of the day developed on the 3rd lap of 7 when a group of 8 was given a pretty long leash.  With Shelby in the move, the remaining Bike Doctor riders turned their focus toward looking for key moves that wanted to get across. That opportunity came on the 6th lap when Warner went with a hard move of approximately 9 riders which quickly worked its way up to the break.

As the break now swelled to 15+ riders, cooperation and desire within the break began to diverge as expected. The large break started the bell lap as one happy family, but the field was agitated behind. The chase was on.

With ~5 miles to go, Warner launched a test-the-waters attack that was brought back, but nobody countered.  So with ~5k, Warner launched the “Hail Mary”.  A Cutaway rider quickly bridged up to him from the lead group.  Both rider’s were committed and absolutely destroying themselves to stay away.  Shortly thereafter, the field put the stranglehold to the break and were steam-rolling after the two riders up the road. It was going to be a nail biter.

Cordova, Gill and now Shelby were positioned well for a tow to the line from the chasing field. Warner and the Cutaway rider made it to the base of the finish climb, but Warner’s gas tank hit empty as the front of the field caught him with 300 meters to go.  A very impressive display of finishing power by the Cutaway rider as we believe he held on for 2nd.

As the field roared up the finish stretch, Cordova provided Gill and Shelby a terrific lead out wheel which netted 7th & 8th.  Two Team Bike Doctor rider’s in the top 10…we’ll take it!

In the 3 /4 race, Team Bike Doctor wasn’t able to secure a result, but for Morrison and Ramos, it was good to be back out in the field again after an injury plagued 2011.  And for our junior Browne, it was his first 3 /4 race.  So now he has a taste for racing with a large field with yellow line fever.  All were happy to make it through unscathed and intact…always a good thing.

Special thanks to the William & Mary Cycling team for organizing the event. Great venue for an early season race!

The team would like to thank its sponsors for their generous support, without whom we wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that we love. Please check out their great products/services: Bike Doctor, DigiSource Discovery Solutions, Elite Endurance Training Systems, Cannondale and CycleOps Power.

Raw Talent Ranch


The Raw Talent Ranch

Team Bike Doctor made the trek out to Mathias, WV for the weekend of March 2-4 for a team training camp at the Raw Talent Ranch. Those of us in MABRAland know about this wonderful destination for a cycling getaway. Owner Jay Moglia has hosted many teams from the region, and the Ranch is a beautiful place to discover some of the best cycling the East Coast has to offer.


Top of the Cat 2 gravel climb on day two.

Those in attendance were team members Brian Sjoberg, Ian Morrison, Cliff Chamberlain, Robb Hampton, Steve Fife, Bill & Tanner Brown, Bruno Neto, Scott Giles, Sunny Gill, and Pete Warner. We also had our newest members Pete Custer, Nicholas Taylor, Andrew Shelby, Mike Cordova, and Jeff Chun join us for some great riding and team bonding. Also joining us for the weekend was Kat Klausing from Team North Tek, who was the bravest of all as she put up with a house full of dudes, and more than held here own on all of the rides.


Quick refuel before the final climb back up to the barn.

The riding out at the Ranch is legendary, and Moglia guided us to some pretty amazing places that most would not know about, or have the nerve to venture forth on their own. There was a LOT of climbing, backwoods dirt roads, as well as some of the most scenic and beautiful valley roads and river crossings. The weather held up, with the exception of some rain during the second half of Friday’s ride. Saturday and Sunday were dry, and the miles were pilled on.


The Motley Crue on day three of gravel climbing.

The Ranch is a great place to chill at the end of a ride with everything you could need after a long day in the saddle. We cooked some great food, listened to music, watched movies, and drank beer next to a roaring fire under the WV night sky. We are already looking forward to doing it again next year.


Top of the mountain with great views.

Huge thanks to Jay and the Raw Talent Ranch!

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