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Bike Doctor finishes on the MABRA Super 8 Podium

Ed Sander CX brought a close to the end of a long cross season that saw racing continuing late into December. The weather was reasonably warm for the time of year with the wet conditions concentrated around the lilly ponds. The course was challenging as usual, with punishing off-cambers on the front half followed by technical, slippery mud by the ponds. Fortunately, the course was no longer underwater from the storms earlier this year!

Despite a long road and cross season, Nicholas Taylor showed up to continue the fight for placing in the final elite series race of the season. After falling back from the leaders in the first half, he was able to work his way back up to a podium position and took 5th in the race. Despite losing points to a commanding win by Jake Sitler, he was able to help further secure his points position in the series. As a result, he came in 3rd in the MABRA Super 8 Elite Series―a great way to close out 2012!


Tanner Browne again opted to take on the punishment of the elite race, and fought through to the end despite a few spills and on-the-course adversity. Even though he did not challenge the last few races of the 15-18yr Junior series, his five wins throughout the season secured him a 2nd place spot atop the 15-18 junior Series Podium. Congrats!

In closing out 2012, the team would like to thank the promoters of the MABRA Super 8 CX series and the Sportif Cross Cup, without whom we would have a very boring fall waiting for next year’s road season!

The team would also like to thank their sponsors for their generous support, without whom they wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that they love. Please check out their great products and services: Bike DoctorDigiSource Discovery SolutionsElite Endurance Training SystemsCannondale and CycleOps Power.

Bike Doctor Takes on Cross! Upgrades & Wins Galore

All may have been quiet on the blog front, but fear not, as the team has been very busy racing this fall!   So far this season has seen a number of new faces stepping out both to experience the unique thrill of racing cyclocross and subsequently stepping up on the podium.  The number of wins, category upgrades, and podiums are almost too much to list, so here is our best attempt at a a run-down of the team’s campaign:

Nicholas Taylor returned to the MABRA elite schedule with wins at BCA and Patapsco CX.  He also saw podiums at the MABRA Super8 elite races at Hyattesville, Schooley Mill, and Rockburn, and also at the Sportif Cup Seneca CX race.  He currently stands in the top 5 of the MABRA Super8 elite series and hopes to finish the season on a good note.

2012.10.21 DCCX_0021

Brian Rist decided to give ‘cross a try this fall, and opened his season with a podium in the 35+ 3/4 at Tacchino CX.  He moved on to give the Sportif series a run, with a hat trick of wins in the 35+ 3/4 at BCA, Psycho, and Seneca CX.  Not one to stop others from a chance at glory, he received his Category 2 CX upgrade and moved on to the punishment of MABRA’s 35+ elite field.  He ended up 4th in the Sportif 35+ 3/4 series after upgrading mid-season.

Michael Cordova was another new face jumping barriers this fall.  He saw podiums in the 3/4 category both at Patapsco CX and Turkey Chase, the MABRA/MD CX championship.  He finished with 4th in the Sportif Cup 3/4 series.

Tanner Browne returned for another dominating series in the MABRA And Sportif series.  He was nearly untouched in the MABRA Super 8 15-18 junior race, seeing wins at Tacchino, Hyattesville, DCCX, Schooley Mill, and Rockburn CX.  He saw a similar performance in the Sportif series, winning at BCA CX.

He also gave the regular a 3/4 races a go, seeing podiums in the Sportif series at Psycho, AACX, Patapsco, and Turkey Chase.  This enabled him to end up 2nd in the decidedly non-junior competition of the Sportif 3/4 series and achieve his Category 2 upgrade.  He also hopes to do well in the MABRA Super8 15-18 junior series, despite not competing in the final two races.  Watch for him coming to an elite race near you!

Jeff Chun also decided to test the waters with his first season racing cross. He opened his year with a podium at Tacchino CX in the 35+ 3/4 followed by a win in the 35+ 3/4 at AACX. Not one to sit idly by, he immediately upgraded to category 2. MABRA elite fields will be seeing a lot of new faces in 2013!

2012.10.21 DCCX_0015

2012.09.30 Winchester Apple CX_0030

2012.10.21 DCCX_0004

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