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2013 Blackhills Circuit Men’s 1/2/3 Race HD Highlight Video

A BIG thank you to Patriot for coming out again this year to film the outstanding racing taking place on Sunday! Congratulations to Jason Meidhof of DC Velo for his Win.

Black Hills M123- 2013 from Patriot on Vimeo.

2013 Black Hills Circuit Race Results

Please see the full results listed here:
2013 Race Results

Results will be available at USA Cycling and BikeReg shortly.

Thank you to all who came out to help make this MABRA season opener a success for yet another year. The park has enjoyed having us, so thank you to everybody for representing bike racing in general in a positive light. We hope to be back next year for Black Hills #4, in what perhaps can remain a staple in our local racing scene for years to come.

Spivack takes third at Black Hills

Ian leading up hill

In his own words:

Today was my first road race since last August and with my new road team Bike Doctor. I was excited to race today at Black Hills since it was the first real test of the season. Despite sitting out in the cold all day helping direct traffic for the race, my legs actually felt good during my warmup before the race. Our team talked about tactics before the race, so i was excited to see how things would pan out with a full elite field.

As the race started the pace was not too bad and we would surge hard up the hill each time. About 3 laps in there was a preme, and we started to go hard. Then I noticed after the climb a few people rolled off the front. I put in a big dig and bridged up to the break (hitting 187bpm heart rate, which is high for me). Once I rolled into the break, it became 5 of us, Jason and Ryan from DC Velo, Mark from NCVC and Mike from Carytown Bike Company. So we rolled together very well and built up a 20 sec gap after 2 laps. Someone on the sideline yelled that someone on my team was trying to bridge across, so i skipped the next 2 rotations to give them a chance to bridge up. On the next lap, i heard that they were not going to make it and that we had a 30 sec gap. I then kept working in the break rotating through. I was a bit concerned about Ryan since he was not rotating through because he has a team mate in the break. With about 3 laps to go, Jason rotated through and no one rotated through behind him. We all kinda looked at each other and at that point it was too late, Jason was gone and no one wanted to chase. Then with 1 lap to go Mark attacked hard up the climb and we all followed.

I kept on Mike’s wheel during the last few laps because he seemed to be the strongest guy, and if he got away, I was not going to be able to regain contact. On the lead-in to the hill, Mike was forced to stay in the front, and he wound up leading into the sprint and I kept on his wheel. It was everything I had to stay on his wheel and hold off Ryan and Mark for 3rd place. The field finished right behind me with some great placing by Mike Cordova (7th), and Sunny (8th). It was great hearing after the race how the rest of the team helped cover any attempted bridges up to us and kept the field under control. I am really looking forward to the rest of the race season with such a strong and supportive team.

Race file:

Battenkill Prep Ride–Rolling from Bike Doctor Frederick

This past Sunday, 8 of the team’s finest headed out in search of some pain and gain.  The Tour of the Battenkill is only a few weeks away and a few riders wanted to have a very hard ride with constant rollers, some short steep climbs, and leg burning race pace efforts scattered throughout.  Team rider Jim Weinstein lives up in Frederick and has put together an array of fantastic routes—he was up to the challenge.


Refuel in Thurmont

Refuel in Thurmont

The ride began at Bike Doctor Frederick–which is a fine central location to begin a Frederick Ride.  The route can be viewed at:  and has a bit more elevation gain that the route suggests.  Many of the smaller endless rollers aren’t picked up by the Mapmyride route program.  The weather held up and the team roared off for the challenge of Catoctin Hollow Rd, race pace on Kelbaugh, and some hard sprints as they came home on the famous Walkersville Tuesday Night Worlds route which takes in the sprint finish at the old Walkersville RR course just for fun.  With a free lunch on the line coming from a Jim Weinstein bet—Nicholas Taylor powered on to victory and a turkey and brie sandwich later in the day.  The route is listed as 82 miles but the group decided that at 72, it was best to call it a day since we got a bit of a late start (but most were not complaining).

Although this ride does not do a lot of the big famous climbs like Hamburg, Coxy Brown, Shookstown, or Park Rd, it is truly a gorgeous route with minimal traffic, and a perfect prep route for Battenkill.  One of the best parts is that this ride starts and finished at the Bike Doctor Frederick store.  Brian, “The Man in Charge” at the shop was a great host and is always happy to help out riders using the large shop and parking area as a jumping off point.   They have recently expanded the shop and have a wide array of top end bikes, parts, and now offer custom fitting with their Guru fit system.  Give ’em a call….and tell ’em large marge sent ya!

Bike Doctor Frederick

Post ride hanging with Brian Wisowaty at the renovated Bike Doctor Frederick store

2013 Team Camp at Raw Talent Ranch

Many members of the team headed out to Lost River, WV, to enjoy a nice 3-day weekend at Raw Talent Ranch (aka The Barn). The weather in late winter around the Appalachian Mountains can be a bit unpredictable but the gamble paid off. Although temps even in the hollows and valleys never reached much above 30 degrees, the solitude and camaraderie of riding with new and old teammates always makes it a joy to be on the bike. A light, powdery snow carried by the howling winds across the mountain ridges certainly provided a beautiful backdrop and just reward after every climb.


Heading out for the big adventure on Saturday morning

Heading out for the big adventure on Saturday morning

As we all know, the silly word “Epic” gets thrown around quite often….but we have compiled a list of requirements that might help determine, if in fact, what we accomplished this weekend was indeed “EPIC”…..

You may have “epic” if….

1. Your Garmin upload show’s an average temperature for the entire ride of < 30 degrees 3 days in a row.

2. The water under your waterproof Garmin screen freezes, expands, and cracks the cover.

3. You spend more time cleaning your bike after the ride, than actually riding it (AND, ride time > 3 hours).

4. Your brake’s freeze (unless you have silly brakes on the bottom of your bike) requiring a treacherous descent–and you say, screw it, I’m going for it anyway…

5. You finish a ride with a 5 mile climb (in the hail and snow, on a dirt road, in the wilderness, far from anyone that can hear your screams)

6. You ride back down the climb to do it again because “you love it, you love it, you want more of it…” (Cordova)

7. You ride so fast up the last 5 mile climb and feel so good, you accidentally ride down the other side and don’t realize you were in fact at the top of the climb, and at the finish of your ride and essentially “Done for the day” until you get to the bottom of said climb—on the other side, forcing you to ride all the way back up (oh, and you need to have a smile on your face for this to qualify as Epic)….(Ian).

8. You willfully agree to ride down a 5 mile  treacherous descent with a starting temp a hair shy of 20 degrees because, well, it does add 5 miles onto your ride without having to pedal at all….

9. You are so tired you wake up the next morning naked with nothing but your helmet and cycling shoes on in a camper van with nothing but your beard and some organic vegetables to keep you company…. (Ben)

10. A teammate talks a gang of you to ride a gravel climb to get home but the gravel is NO longer gravel. It’s mud!

And that my friends… how you can define epic….

Is there something on my brake?

Is there something on my brake?

We uploaded some photos of the weekend over at our Facebook page. Thanks again to Jay and Audrey for the wonderful hospitality! We already want to come back!

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