Spivak takes 2nd at Greenbrier Pro XC mountain bike race


In his own words:
One of the few Pro XC races I do (ok, maybe just 1/yr) is Greenbrier. This was my 4th year doing it and I always seem to crash at least once and wind up placing well despite the crash. This year was no different. The week leading into the race I over-did it a bit (15 hrs) and was not feeling all that great during the warmup. I figured if I got top 10 and made some good money, then I would be happy.

Well, the gun went off and we all rolled into the single track, very slowly. Actually, it was so slow I rear ended my friend Zack and fell off my bike. Once off my bike, I attempted to jump back on, and fell off again (see, this is why I don’t do CX). Now being the last person in the pro field, the pressure left off and I started to get things rolling again. Well, then my power meter started crapping out on me, which was fine I guess even though it was working great the entire week. So after half a lap I finally caught up to the middle of the field and rode with Jeff Dickey, who was stopped and fixing his bike. He quickly got back rolling and we proceeded to start picking off riders during the day. We both kept a really good pace the entire day and know each other’s strengths from training and racing together a lot. It was very nice riding with Jeff throughout the day and really pushing each other. I was really impressed with his climbing throughout the day, which was really starting to wear on me. On the 3rd lap I missed a switchback and nearly crashed, which Jeff tried to pass someone on the 30+ mph downhill and clipped a tree. On the 4th lap I missed my feed bottle, and just figured I would keep riding anyways. It wound up not being a big deal thankfully since it was cool enough outside.

Finally on the 5th and final lap, Jeff turns on the after burners and crushes up the first short climb. I was struggling to stay with him but it was worth it. We worked up the first real climb and caught up to the leader, Cameron. Jeff slowed down a bit to give Cameron some space since they are team mates, but I went around Jeff and got onto Camerons wheel. I followed him down the 30+ mph downhill and then went around him and attacked up the final climb. I knew I had to get some space between them before the final muddy section because I am always so slow through there. I put a few seconds on Jeff up that climb, but he caught me right before the muddy section and really laid down some good skills and big power. Once through there he had a few seconds on me and I sprinted to try to catch up, but no luck. I rolled in 2nd 10 seconds behind Jeff. It was an awesome race and a great win for Jeff at such a big race. I was really glad to get 2nd place in such a big race with some of the best pro mtb racers on the east coast.

Many thanks to:

Bike Doctor for the support

Potomac Velo Club for putting on such a great event for over 600+ racers throughout the day

Jan from Bike Kinetics for letting us all travel up to Greenbrier in the big green bus

Bayar for driving us there and back safely!


  1. What an awesome report, Ian – sounds like a great day of racing! Glad our bus could be there so we could live through it vicariously :)

    Oh, and thanks for spelling it phonetically, but on paper, it’s just “Bikenetic” 😉

    Way to go guys, keep up the good work!!!

  2. ….and then I spell my own name wrong.

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