After a successful end to my 2013 road season, I decided that I needed to become more serious in my time trialing. I decided to replace my current time trial bike with something nice, new, and shiny with electronic shifting. Also, I was never really happy with the way I setup my time trial bike and knew that I should get a proper fit by someone who had experience with doing time trial fits.

Chris Richardson of Bike Doctor Waldorf has years of experience doing bike fits and also has the state of the art Guru bike fit system. For those who have never seen a Guru bike fit, its quite amazing. Chris first took some basic body measurements and then inputted them into the Guru bike fit computer. The computer then adjusted the seat and handlebar position based on these initial measurements. I then rode the bike and we made some more changes and measurements, constantly iterating between various parameters of seat forward/aft, height, bar forward/aft, height, and aero bar placement.

After about 30 minutes of changes, were were nearly dialed into the right fit. During this process I gave Chris feedback on what felt better or worse. The best part of the fit was that I could say “move the seat up 3mm” and then Chris could instantly adjust the seat without me having to even stop pedaling. This instant feedback was quite amazing as I could instantly tell if the new position felt better or worse than the prior position. Chris then used a motion capture video system to see how my position changed on the bike as I was riding from endurance pace to threshold pace (aka riding on the rivet, or end of the saddle). After about 1 ½ hrs we were done. Chris then takes the data and post-processes it to determine your reach-stack position so he can find you the best bike for your physiological dimensions.

I will be ordering my new time trial bike soon, and after it arrives and is assembled, Chris will use my previous measurements to setup the bike for me. I am really looking forward to getting my new time trial bike and having it fit like a glove!

I would highly recommend anyone who is going to get a new bike (time trial, road, or mountain) to get a fit prior to ordering their bike. You might be surprised by how nice it is to get that exact fit done on the Guru machine and then how easy it will be to transfer that fit to your brand new bike!

More details on how the Guru system works can be found below:

Ian Spivack