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Black Hill: Taylor takes 4th, Results Posted

Thank you to all the racers that came out this Sunday. We had a fantastic time hosting the first race of the MABRA season. Results can be found HERE. We are working on getting them to USA Cycling and MABRA BAR as well.

Racers saw cool weather that remained dry and partially sunny for this 4th edition of the Circuit Race. A lucky day amidst a winter that has extended into what is normally spring. The Mayur Kabab food truck was out and busy and most of the fields were sold out. The Elite Race saw a competitive line-up with all of the major teams in MABRA represented. Nicholas Taylor was able to secure a 4th place podium spot for the team amidst a fast-paced elite race that finished in a field sprint.

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Eating well p/b Mayur Kabab: Almond Milk

It’s late in the evening, we’ve cleaned up from dinner and have sat down to watch a TV show or do some reading.  Before settling down for the night, I take a bowl out of the pantry, fill it with Kashi Go Lean and cover it with delicious 2% organic milk.  It’s a nice way to quell the post-dinner munchies and if you put a little something sweet on top, like honey or maple syrup, you can even fool yourself into calling it dessert.

30 minutes later:

“Oh..God…What’s that smell?!”


“What died inside you?! That’s terrible!”


As it turns out, humans have relative difficulty digesting lactose and the end result can be not so pleasant for our loved ones or anyone unlucky enough to witness the aftermath of snack time.  Social graces aside, the consensus among nutritionists is to limit non-live culture dairy in the diet.  But how does a cereal addict like myself kick the habit? I’ve turned to almond milk.  I won’t go any further into the nutrition science involved but after making the switch and reducing my dairy intake, I feel much better on the bike and in my daily life.  Other than being a better snack option than cow’s milk, the almond alternative can also be made more easily at home (consider that a challenge to the cow milk enthusiasts).  True, you can buy almond milk at the grocery store but making it yourself is cheaper and results in an additive-free product–just almonds and water.

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2014 New Rider Announcement

Team Bike Doctor is excited to publicly announce its new roster additions for the 2014 road team. We have a select and extremely talented group joining the squad which will fit in nicely to our strong nucleus of riders. Not only have we added some incredible depth and strength to our Category 1 / 2 squad with the additions of James Studebaker and Matias Palavecino, but we’ve filled in talent to our feeder ranks with the up and coming additions of Mike Tabasko, Aidan Palmer and Katherine Klausing. The team is honored to have these terrific individuals representing our team in 2014. And of course, none of this would be possible without the uncompromising and gracious support of our Sponsors:

Bike Doctor (Waldorf, Arnold, Frederick, Annapolis, Crofton) North Tek Gear, Shimano, Cannondale, Elite Endurance Training Systems, Mayur Kabab House, Strong Smiles Dental Practice, and DigiSource Discovery Solutions.


James Studebaker

James is a CAT 2 entering his third year of road racing.  He considers himself an ‘all rounder’ who truly enjoys all disciples of the sport; time trials, road races and criteriums.  He grew up as a competitive swimmer and has competed in several endurance sports including ultra-marathons. James is 37 years old and lives in Reston, Virginia.

When not on his bike, he’s trying to keep up with his baby daughter, Ella (5 months), son Evan (9 years) and wife JC.  His goals are to earn a CAT 1 upgrade and bring the heat to Masters Nationals in all three events with a TT focus.


Mike Tabasko

Mike comes to Bike Doctor Racing from fat-tire roots, ready to put his skills to the pavement for the red and black guard.  Always a contender in the endurance MTB scene, he earned his pro license in 2011 and placed 9th overall in the 2013 National Ultra Endurance Series.

He and his wife, Bonnie, recently came back to Maryland after spending much of 2012 teaching abroad in Bhutan for Health Volunteers Overseas. As a physical therapist and orthopedic specialist, Mike is currently the clinic director at Capitol Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation in Rockville, MD. He spends much of his time off the bike working with our local community of runners and cyclists. He’s currently developing a collaborative forum for physical therapists on-line at

Looking forward to 2014 goals, Mike has his sights on a move up to Cat 2 while supporting the squad in the elite races.


Katherine Klausing

Katherine started racing in the 2008 when she first pinned on a number for a criterium in Columbus, Ohio and she hasn’t looked back. As a student, she started racing for American University and fell in love with collegiate cycling. In 2010, she helped to start up the Your Ad Here cycling team and had a lot of fun racing in MABRA-land.  Her favorite events are the Tour of Page County (VA), the Tour de Millersburg (PA), Tour of the Scioto River Valley (OH), and the MoCo Epic (MD).

Her road racing accomplishments include winning an ACCC Conference Championship in 2009, the MABRA Best All-Around Rider (BAR) Jersey in 2011, and the MABRA Road Race Championship in 2012. In 2014 she is looking forward to being a part of the Bike Doctor team, improving her time-trialing and sprinting, and doing a lot more mountain biking.

Aidan Palmer

Aidan has been involved in the local MABRA community as a junior racer for several years.  As a junior, he spent 3 years with ABRT before transitioning this past year to the GS-CycleLife Jr Devo team where he ended the season as a Cat 3. He hails from Severna Park, Maryland. Aidan is in the homestretch of wrapping up his senior year of High School. He has big ambitions to continue racing throughout college and is considering a few of the most prestigious college cycling teams in the U.S.

2014 will be his first year outside of the junior ranks full time. Aidan is cagey beyond his years and the team is excited to help him grow as an elite bike racer. Aidan will be targeting many of the local Cat 3 races. He’s looking for strong personal results as well as contributing to the strong results of the Bike Doctor team as a whole.

Matias Palavecino

Matias earned his CAT 2 during a little sabbatical away from chasing glory in the triathlon world a few years ago. After settling down in Alexandria, VA, with his wife, Katie, the family has grown to include a young son, Leo, and a precious little daughter, Chloe. With new adjustments and priorities, Matias is looking to narrow his training focus and maintain his competitive drive by racing on the Bike Doctor elite team for 2014.

As one of Mid-Atlantic’s top triathletes, Matias’ palmares are impressive. He’s a 2 time Ironman Kona qualifier and finisher, as well as the 2008 & 2010 Eagleman Amateur Champion. Matias is a tenacious competitor and his depth of fitness will be a tremendous asset to the team, especially in fast, hilly road races.

Off to Camp

This weekend, the Bike Doctor Racing Team took a trip to Lost River State Park in Hardy County, West Virginia. Staying in the beautiful ridge-top Lost River Barn, the crew shared food, jokes, stories, and miles along the cool and sun-kissed country valleys and mountains around the town of Mathias.


While the terrain in this area can be testing of your equipment and fitness, it is universally rewarding to anyone who can appreciate the personal rewards of such a physical challenge. Whether you can fly up a mountain road, or ‘paperboy’ your way up a climb, rides out of the Lost River Barn will always leave you with a refreshed sense of satisfaction. For every challenging mile you cover on a bicycle, mother nature rewards you with powerful sights along the valleys of golden grass and time carved river basins.

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