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Tour of Page County Success! 2nd in 1/2 GC and 8th in 3/4 GC

This past weekend was the Tour of Page County, a 2 day, 3 stage race in the Shenandoah Valley. Nicholas, Ian, Scott, Sunny, Bruno, Ryan, Pete Custer, Andrew, and Matias lined up for the start of the Cat 1/2 road race. The race started off with a smoking fast first lap that saw a group of 5 separate from the field. The team kept the time gap manageable, and eventually more from the group bridged up. The group up the road became far too large and the team found themselves working to bring back the lead group’s advantage. After reconnecting, a counter attack by Scott placed the team in a favorable position up the road and saw him finishing in the 2nd group on the day. The remainder of the team contested the available time bonus┬áspots in the field sprint.

Tour of Page County Road Race

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Bike Doctor Victory at Chantilly!

This past Saturday on a gorgeous day, Bike Doctor p/b North Tek rode with full force as Taylor, Spivack, Gill, Custer, Bodge, Palmer, Tabasko, Shelby, Rist, Warner, Chun, Hampton, and Studebaker all towed the line at the RGS Title / Prosperity Mortgage Chantilly Circuit Race. A special thanks from the team to the Evolution Cycling team for hosting a great day of racing.

Custer, Palmer, Rist, and Shelby worked hard early to make sure moves were covered. Tabasko strung the group out like a motorcycle on several occasions. Gill and Spivack attacked ferociously and repeatedly. Custer and NCVC’s Mark Hyatt formed a breakaway mid-race that wins the award for “Breakaway with the most enviable draft” while Taylor, Spivack, and Gill were off the front with Battley Ducati’s Jose Escobar winning the award for “Breakaway sending the most panic through the field.” In the waning laps, Bodge tore off the front and opened a large gap, forcing other riders to spend energy that couldn’t be recovered before the sprint.

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Eating well p/b Mayur Kabab: Chai Tea (Desi Chai)


Spring is in the air and so is pollen. The joy of sunshine on your pale legs during a bike ride is often coupled with misery of running nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. During the cool April mornings, I often find myself reverting back to drinking more chai rather than my go-to caffeinated beverage, an espresso. Perhaps, chai serves as the comfort beverage of every Indian child, much like Cool Aid or hot coco for Americans. Whatever the reason is, it tastes darn good when you are feeling miserable. So here are my favorite chai recipes that I have collected over time watching members of my family refine this ancient tradition.

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All American: Taylor takes 2nd in Elite race, Tabasko takes 2nd in Cat 3 race

This past Saturday, Team Bike Doctor participated in All American road race, the longest MABRA road race of the season in Poolesville, MD. Nicholas, Ian, Bruno, Sunny, Allan, Pete Custer, and Robb lined up against a full field of 75 guys. Racers were nervous during the first lap as a crash occurred in the first 20 min of racing. After about 40 min, the attacks became consistent at the front of the race which caused a split of roughly 14 that included Ian.

Ian enjoying the break de jour

Ian enjoying the break du jour

The group got organized once everyone recognized that a split had occurred. After a number of hard laps maintaining the gap, the group slowly dwindled down to 8 guys with 2 laps to go. In the field, the rest of the team made sure that anyone trying to bridge across to the lead group was covered.

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Jefferson Cup: Elite Men earn Top 10, Ramos Victorious in Masters

This past Sunday, the Bike Doctor Racing Team made an annual early spring pilgrimage to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville, VA for the Mid-Atlantic Classic Jefferson Cup Road Race.

Contested on sweeping roads and thundering past numerous prominent wineries, Jefferson Cup is known for its high caliber racing as well as the unpredictable weather that a late March weekend can produce. This year’s edition was a classic on both fronts: big hitters from the region showed up, and mother nature threw nearly every type of precipitation onto the day’s festivities.

Custer marks a mid race move with Ryan McKinney of Beyer and Jose Escobar of Battley Ducati

Custer marks a mid race move with Ryan McKinney of Beyer and Jose Escobar of Battley Ducati

In the Men’s elite race, Bike Doctor was represented by Scott Giles, Nicholas Taylor, Andrew Shelby, Pete Custer, and Ian Spivack. ┬áThe boys battled their competitors as well as the elements as the race was ‘hot’ with activity from the get go, with body heat regulation being a huge motivator for the high pace of the peloton.

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