Month: June 2014

Brambleton Town Center Grand Prix

Women’s Cat 4

Melissa Tallent lined up for the first race of the day in the women’s Cat 4.

She was lucky enough to be the first group to race at the new Brambleton Town Center Grand Prix. This super fast and smooth 6 turn course is a replacement for the now dead Reston Town Center Grand Prix (R.I.P.).

Tallent was off the front a couple of laps during the race, and scooped up a mid race cash preme. She attacked on the bell lap and ended up 3rd at the line. Melissa’s husband and teammate Pete Custer spent some time after the finish tracking her down so she could make her way to the podium and collect her prize.

Melisa on podium

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Eating Well p/b Mayur Kabab House: Healthier Rices

When I am trying to trim down, my menu choices skew to the vegetable heavy cuisines of India and Asia.  Nothing goes better with a curry than rice.  The problem is the heavily milled white rice that Americans prefer spikes the blood sugar, and although it is fortified with some vitamins, it is void of the fiber, manganese, and vitamin E that brown rice contains.  The problem with brown rice is time.  It takes 45 minutes to cook:  rinse it off, 2-to-1 water to rice ratio, tsp of salt per cup, bring to a simmer in pot, quick stir, cover, turn heat to low and wait 40 minutes.  Not ideal when you are hungry.  Because all of the bran is polished off, white rice can be done in as little as twelve minutes.

There is a solution that adds little cooking time, gets all the nutrition of brown rice, and retains the rice flavor we are accustomed to: red rice.   Both of the varieties I outline here are imported by Lotus foods and are grown sustainably using low water methods.  By watering the plants vs. flooding the fields, the farmers are able to lower the amount of natural arsenic that the rice absorbs, use less water, and achieve higher yields per acre.

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Bike Doctor storms the Tour of Washington County!

Tour of Washington County – Kickoff Criterium

Bike Doctor team members Nicholas Taylor, Allan Wallace, Pete Custer, and Todd Bickling lined up in the warm, rainy evening to take a stab at the well-attended, lively kick-off criterium. The Pro 1/2/3 race started off at 9:20pm with wet but drying roads. The pace was blistering fast from the start and the sporadic lighting left long shadows and made it hard to stick close on other riders wheels. A number of small moves formed on the front, but the high pace kept the field stuck tightly together. Towards the end of the race Nicholas followed Thomas Gibbons (UCI CT: Cibel) for a 5-to-go flier for a few laps. They got caught nearing the bell lap with DC Velo lining it up to lead out their sprinter DJ Brew. When the field surged coming into the final turns, Nicholas avoided a last lap crash to take 5th in the field sprint, with Pete and Allan shortly behind in the field.

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A Locals Guide to Cycling in Frederick, MD

Over the past 4 years I have had the pleasure of living and riding in one of America’s best-kept cycling secrets, Frederick, MD. Frederick is located about 45 miles north west of DC, right off of 270. It is intersected by Route 15 and has several exits that offer access to good parking/starting points for riding. The downtown is a great location to grab a bite to eat after a ride and there are a few good coffee shops as well. Frederick has a great local cycling community with several local bicycle retailers including a fantastic Bike Doctor (5732 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD) as well as a superb “Tuesday Night Worlds” group ride that leaves from Glade Elementary School in Walkersville (9525 Glade Rd, Walkersville, MD) at 6pm throughout the summer months—bring your sprinting legs for this one!

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