Month: September 2014

Eating Well p/b Mayur Kabab House: “Throw it in” Nutrition

Eating well. Between rushing out the door in the morning, that tempting doughnut in the break room at work, and the quick snack before getting the afternoon work out in, it can be hard! How many of us really take the time and energy to plan every meal? Even those that make it to the farmer’s market twice per week and pack a great lunch most every day might find themselves getting the Blue Box Blues (TM) every now and then. So, how can these depressing meals be made just a little better? How about throwing in a little something extra that happens to be nutrient dense! Between quinoa, kale, or various seeds, there is always something that can be thrown in. They’ve all become popular ingredients for packaged health foods but you don’t need to throw your money at Kellogg’s or the like to get at the good stuff.


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Scott Giles makes history and earns a Jersey at Masters Nationals!

Scott Giles traveled to Ogden, UT to compete at USA Cycling’s Masters Nationals earlier this month. Scott had big ambitions and goals to make a mark this year in the 40-44 age category, especially in the time trial and road race. Scott took the time to piece together some excellent reports which are too good not to share. To come back after just barely missing Gold in the time trial and then going on to win the road race demonstrates just how tenacious a competitor Scott is! Scott also went on to earn the Best All Around Rider award in the 40-44 age category at the closing ceremony!

Scott Giles off the start ramp!

Scott Giles off the start ramp!

Time Trial

The speediest riders in the country descended on Antelope Island near Salt Lake City and had a pretty good day to take a crack at the National Masters Championship TT course until the wind picked up. The first leg was gifted with a tailwind, but the return trip was right back into it. Although this probably meant the course times would be slow, it worked somewhat to my favor. I had confidence I was one of the most aerodynamic, and comfortable, of the field because my steed was the Cannondale Slice that had been dialed in by Chris Richardson at the Bike Doctor Waldorf fitting studio. Tough as it felt to fight that wind coming home, the aerodynamics cheated the wind, with the result exceeding expectations posting the second fastest time over the 34km for the silver medal. Huge congratulations to Ian Standoff, who made even greater speed and is our new M40-44 National TT Champion.

Road Race

The course was a 1 mile climb, a 5 mile descent, 48 miles of almost dead flat, then a final 6 mile climb to the finish that was really two 900 foot climbs separated by a 300 foot descent at the 3 mile-to-go point.
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Speed Merchant Aero Wind Tunnel Testing

Team member Ian Spivack recently traveled to Plaistow, NH, to do some off-season wind tunnel testing and analyze his time trial equipment at the Speed Merchant Aero Low Speed Wind Tunnel (SMART LSWT). Below are his thoughts on the experience in his own words:

The reason I decided to spend the money and time on a wind tunnel drag test was that I wanted to quantify the differences between various time trial equipment and bike positions on my time trial bike. On my own, I can do field aerodynamic testing around the high school track to see if one setup is better than another, but I could not quantify the differences in setup. Since not all helmets have the same fit, cooling, cost, visor, and weight, I figured that there are many factors that will influence my helmet choice other than just drag.
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