Month: January 2015

Summary from The 2nd Annual Richmond Endurance Symposium

By: Michael Tabasko (Physical Therapist at Capitol Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation)

Richmond Virginia is fast establishing itself as a hub of east coast cycling. The city is rallying around the 2015 UCI World Championships, and recently hosted the second annual Richmond Endurance Symposium.

I had the opportunity to hear talks by a great line-up of  health care professionals, top athletes and field experts.  Here’s a quick recap of what they had to say:

Andy Potts/Champion Ironman Triathlete: 

Andy was a really funny guy and an engaging speaker. He spoke about positive thinking and how it relates to mind/body/spirit. A cliche topic? Maybe, but his perspective was on how you process and perceive your athletic experiences. Positive or negative, these experiences have a cumulative layering effect on your mental game.

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Team Bike Doctor Wins the Mid-Atlantic’s Best All-Around Rider Award!

The Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association (MABRA) hosts a Best All-Around Rider (BAR) competition each year. The BAR series consists of the majority of the region’s road racing events including criteriums, road races, time trials, stage races, and other events. Points are earned based on the classification of event, with larger events such as championship and stage races earning higher levels of points. The award is separated by gender, age and racing category. Bike Doctor’s Nicholas Taylor won the award in the Men’s Category 1/2 individual “Senior” BAR, which is the highest level of racing competition that the series offers. While the award is on an individual level, like most results in road racing, it comes as a result of a concerted team effort rather than a one-person achievement. The points results can be seen here, tabulated across the entire season of racing. Winning the series confers the privilege of wearing the Championship jersey in the subsequent year, along with other benefits.

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