Month: May 2015

Heroic Ride by McCollum secures Poolesville Win!

At the Poolesville Road Race this past weekend, Team Bike Doctor delivered one of their best team performances of the year. The fireworks started early with a small move off the front gaining traction. The team wanted to “lean forward” today and press every advantage it could without having to do any chasing. Everyone contributed in numerous ways depending on where they were at throughout the race. In the end, Lucas McCollum was able to get the jump on his break mate and cross the line in victory solo! It was a special performance and day for Team Bike Doctor! Big thanks to teammate, Cliff Chamberlain, and Bonnie Tabasko for the feedzone support as well!

Massive thanks to the NCVC club team for promoting this annual event! We know it’s a big a production and we appreciate it. Also, big kudos to Dan Netzer (Celerity Cycling). Dan put in a classy ride to secure 2nd place and rode aggressively off the front from the gun.

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Tour of Page County Criterum Men’s Elite Race Video

Below is a view from team member Ian Spivack and Nicholas Taylor’s handlebar camera from the Men’s category 1/2/3 elite race. Nicholas finished 7th at the criterium and 3rd overall at the stage race. The footage was recorded using a Shimano CM-1000 Sport Camera. Look for more video from the team later this season and enjoy!

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Bike Doctor Rule of Thirds

Congrats to team member Nicholas Taylor for taking third in the men’s elite races in both the Argyle Time Trial on Saturday and the Bunny Hop Crit on Sunday! Many of the guys on the team also headed up to Turkey Hill on Saturday where the team fought hard in an aggressive race placing Ian Spivack in 7th in an action packed field sprint.

Update: A timing error was rectified after the Argyle TT. Subsequently, Taylor WON the men’s elite race and set a record for the new course in the process! Congrats.

bunny hop podium

..but wait, there’s more! Enjoy this video from Taylor’s handlebar camera from the above 3rd place finish in the Bunny Hop Men’s category 1/2/3 elite race. The footage was recorded using a Shimano CM-1000 Sport Camera.

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