At the Poolesville Road Race this past weekend, Team Bike Doctor delivered one of their best team performances of the year. The fireworks started early with a small move off the front gaining traction. The team wanted to “lean forward” today and press every advantage it could without having to do any chasing. Everyone contributed in numerous ways depending on where they were at throughout the race. In the end, Lucas McCollum was able to get the jump on his break mate and cross the line in victory solo! It was a special performance and day for Team Bike Doctor! Big thanks to teammate, Cliff Chamberlain, and Bonnie Tabasko for the feedzone support as well!

Massive thanks to the NCVC club team for promoting this annual event! We know it’s a big a production and we appreciate it. Also, big kudos to Dan Netzer (Celerity Cycling). Dan put in a classy ride to secure 2nd place and rode aggressively off the front from the gun.

Finish video of Lucas and the top 10 or so finishers coming to the line including Team Bike Doctor rider’s, Ian Spivack (4th) and Nicholas Taylor (7th)!

Additionally, we have a great race report from McCollum that is worthy of sharing:

“I had two goals heading into this race:

Goal number one was to ride in the front of the group and hold a good position throughout the race.

Goal number two was to ride aggressive and be a factor in the race. I really wanted to go down in flames whether that was helping out teammates or to ride off the front.

The first goal was achieved through the first two laps. A couple of attempts to make a move and chase some breaks down were made early but none amounted to anything. Heading into the third lap Custer rode up next to me and said, “I am starting to feel it a little. Looks like it is going to be a group ride. Try to hold a good position up front and look for any moves that go.” So when I had an opportunity to move up I did and found Nicholas. He told me, “We need someone up the road now.” Noticing that we had a good number of Bike Doctor teammates up front I felt like it was a good time to launch a bridge. Carrying good momentum at that time and feeling good, I put in a hard dig through the upcoming turn and straightaway. After about one minute of a head down smashing effort, I looked back to see that no one was with me, so I continued on and caught two riders (Netzer and McCloone) about a minute later just as we entered the gravel section.

McCollum makes the bridge to the leaders (photo credit velogirl22)

McCollum makes the bridge to the leaders (photo credit velogirl22)

Through the gravel section we rotated taking long hard pulls trying to avoid crossing the heavy gravel sections as minimal as possible to avoid a tire puncture. After the gravel section we continued working together to put time in on the field. Once we hit the rollers before the small hill on Club Hollow Rd I looked back and saw a rider bridging up to us and at that time the official notified us that our gap was down to 20 seconds. I told the guys that we had someone bridging up and Netzer asked me, “What is he wearing?” I said, “Green”. Nezter shouted in relief, “That’s Michael Stoop!” Once Stoop latched onto us I could tell we were starting to make up ground. His pulls were ridiculously hard!!!

Heading into lap four, the four of us continued to work together eventually building a gap of 1:20 on the field. By the end this lap guys in our group were getting tired and starting to miss taking pulls. We were all in the hurt locker at this point.

Taylor and Spivack infiltrate the chase group behind the leaders (photo credit velogirl22)

Taylor and Spivack infiltrate the chase group behind the leaders (photo credit velogirl22)

Into lap five we were notified by the official that we had a gap of 55 seconds on the chase group and 1:10 on the main field. I thought to myself, “Man, I hope I have some teammates in the chase group. Throughout lap five we maintained a gap of 45-50 seconds. As we approached the back part of the course McCloone lost contact with us and fell off. Heading down Westerly Stoop put in a huge pull to get us through the feed zone and finishing area and then said, “Good luck guys.” He then pulled off and his race was finished. I thought to myself, “Damn, how are the two of us going to pull this off?”

Starting Lap 6 I asked Netzer how he was feeling and his reply of, “NOT GOOD” was not what I wanted to hear because I was feeling it too! I said to him, “It is just us now, we gotta work together to get through this, let’s take short pulls on the windy sections and long hard pulls on the downhill and flat sections. We have come too far to give up now.” This continued on throughout the course and when we approached the gravel section we agreed that one of us will do the first section and the other work the second part of it. The last thing I wanted to happen was to get a flat so we stuck close to each other and stayed on the smooth part of the path. On Elmer School Rd my quads and hamstring started to lock up a little so I took it easy on any standing efforts and kept my cadence high. However, on the flat and downhill sections I was able to maintain turning over a big gear and putting out some power. Our gap continued to hold around 35-40 seconds.

Going into lap 7 is when I could really start to feel that we had a chance to pull this off, I could taste a victory! My legs were coming back around and I was feeling good. Cruising down West Offutt I saw my teammate Matias on the side of the road and he shouted to us, “Come on guys! You can do this! Go!” Him shouting that gave me an extra gear and I put in a hard dig to continue our momentum. At this point I started breaking the course down into sections telling myself get through this section and you will win. We went through the gravel for the last time and still had a gap of 35 seconds. I needed to take it easy on the little bump on Elmer School Rd as my quads started to lock up a little. I kept telling myself if we can get to Westerly Rd with a gap I can win this. I pulled Netzer and I up the little climb on Club Hollow and made the final turn onto Westerly. Netzer pulled through and we continued to take turns pulling to the finish line as we knew the chase group was closing in on us. At that time the race official pulled up next to us and said we had about a 30 second gap and they are coming hard. I saw the 1K sign and knew we had enough time to hold of the chase group but now I need to get to the line without Netzer so with about 400m to go I launched a hard effort with all I had left and was able to create a gap that he was unable to respond to and cruised home to a Bike Doctor Victory.

In closing, I can’t say enough good things about my Felt AR bike. I’ve never been on a road bike as slick in the wind and comfortable before. I love everything about that bike.”

P/1/2/3 Poolesville Road Race Podium (photo credit NCVC)

P/1/2/3 Poolesville Road Race Podium (photo credit NCVC)

The team would like to thank its sponsors for their generous support of local cycling, without whom we wouldn’t be able to promote and enjoy the sport that we love. Please check out their great products/services: Bike Doctor, Shimano, Elite Endurance Training Systems, Felt Bicycles, Strong Smiles Dental Care