Month: March 2016

2016 Cannondale SuperSix Hi-MOD BB30a Bottom Bracket Primer / Install

The 2016 Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-MOD frame introduced a bottom bracket spec change to BB30A. The “A” is for asymmetrical. Cannondale claims (and we agree) the change provides a noticeable increase in BB stiffness. If you buy a Cannondale crankset set up for the asymmetry built into the bottom bracket, everything works fine. If you want to put a Shimano chainset on, then that asymmetry poses a problem you have to solve. Another point worth noting is to not get confused with the BB30 part of the naming convention. Regular BB30 bearings will not work on this frame. The bottom bracket shell is designed for a PF30 bearing (PressFit30). For purposes of this post, the author in this instance chose to select a PF30 outboard bottom bracket. The good people at Wheels Manufacturing came up with a solution that worked out really well.

Right about now you may be thinking, “Umm, I think I’ll let my LBS handle this one.” And yes, we always encourage that choice, but it is always helpful to grasp the engineering behind product advances as well. As one of the largest and most reputable Cannondale dealer’s in the Mid-Atlantic, the great mechanics across all the Bike Doctor stores are incredibly knowledgeable about all the various options in the market. This article highlights just one of the many options available and attempts to demonstrate some key elements to consider in the process. Let the fun begin!

Below is the BB30A on the Cannondale. The bottom bracket shell is 73mm wide. The openings are standard PF30. Where the “A” comes in is rather than the being centered on the bike’s geometric center, the bottom bracket is offset 5mm to the non-drive side. Here’s a couple pictures that show what’s going on:

The BB shell is 73mm.
pic 1
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Team Ride/Christmas in March!


Saturday March 5, Team Bike Doctor got together for one of their classic winter team rides. The crew rolled out from Glen Echo in Potomac, MD and headed out on the rural Belgian like back roads of Montgomery Co towards Sugarloaf for a 3.5 hour ride.

pic 02

The team was so stoked to be rocking some of our new gear from #Cannondale, #Shimano, #PearlIzumi and #BikeDoctor. We are fortunate to have such generous sponsors and many of us were aboard our new #SuperSixEVO frames. What an amazing bike! Shimano Di2 shifts went off with a whiz and a zip, and our Pearl Izumi kits were looking pretty sweet in our new for 2016 green color! We were also trying out our new Cannondale Cypher aero helmets with optional aero cover. It’s all coming together to give us some serious weapons for doing battle on the MABRA circuit.



The team is looking forward to another great year of racing and training, and one thing is for sure, we can’t wait to push the pace and see what we can do! No doubt we couldn’t do it without the amazing support we get from our great sponsors!


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