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Elite Endurance Training Systems provides coaching services to members of Team Bike Doctor.

And now, a little bit of background into the history, philosophy, and guiding principles in the words of our sponsor partner:

Dear Bike Doctor,

I coach the best athletes in regions across the entire country. They elevate above their peers. We are generating legend, athletes who will go down in local history. This motivation, it does not come from me — but I find it, cultivate it, inspire. We make strength. We create confidence, WE BREED COURAGE — this is how new things are possible. Today, right now, in this very moment, it’s awesome, this responsibility and potential.

In this calendar year alone, I coach the #1 men’s and women’s pro MTBers in the state, the #1 ranked Cat-1 road racer, and the #1 cyclocross racer. I am very, very proud of these facts.

Superior training, not harder training, is what improves performance – anyone can train hard, not anyone can train smart. The best way to crest this mountain is to follow a training program tailored to your personal strengths and weaknesses, tailored to your specific goal events and unique lifestyle needs.

Through fitness tests and training blocks, through Trainingprint Analysis and DietRx, we discover what works for you and we build on physical gains. By utilizing proprietary Elite Endurance periodization principles, by tracking all progress and changes, by building and tapering fitness to a ferocious peak, we achieve maximal improvements and discover 100% of your potential.

My name is Kenneth Lundgren and I run Elite Endurance Training Systems. We do things differently here, and it’s why Elite Endurance athletes excel. With coaching, there is zero novelty – it’s as if I have this wonderful thing and I can’t wait to show you. Your victory is my victory.

Elite Endurance Training Systems

“Greatness never comes from comfort zones… I build close relationships with every athlete I coach, and we never discuss winning, we never discuss podiums… Many of them win races, and win a lot, and keep winning, but to me they are no better than a rider who finishes 22nd… All that matters to me is full Dedication to a lifestyle, to have this Discipline, unwavering Desire, sincere Determination… and the most important part: DESPERATION.

“I mean, who are you? If I punch you in the jaw, are you scared, nervous, confused, do you step back? Do you cry? Do you run?

“Or… if I punch you in the jaw, with blood in your mouth, do I then have a very serious problem on my hands?

“This ‘skill,’ it cannot be taught… but we defy that — we build smart, we build tough, and through superior training every day, every week, every month, where you are constantly living in an elevated mindspace, on a long enough timeline, you’ve become an entirely different animal, and something more…

“Take your comfort zone — and step on its throat. Cultivate discomfort — in training, in preparing to race, in how nervous you will be pre-race, in how you will feel post-race. Tune out the noise in your life, all the shit around you, and create a thru-line to grab onto — and f*ckin’ go for it. The best athletes… fear governs nothing. Find DESPERATE courage to follow your instincts in battle, to relentlessly, fearlessly push forward… whether this means fighting for 1st, 10th, finishing on lead lap…

“This is winning — success become automatic.

“Every athlete can pedal hard when they feel good. But when your eyes are crossed, throat raw, lungs pinched, when you’ve been punched in the face… can you do what the others cannot?

“Crave this moment — THIS is what it’s all about, living this moment you’ve EARNED. Because you cannot change yesterday, and a better tomorrow will be the direct result of what you do as you breathe in this raw blood — RIGHT NOW, this is when unexpected opportunity becomes your reality.”

Kenneth Lundgren is the most decorated time trialist in region history, winning the TT Cup for 3 consecutive years, winning 50+ TTs, and setting 9 course records along the way. In 2014, Kenneth Lundgren retired from competitive racing; he was undefeated on the TT bike with 3 wins and won 6 consecutive Cat-1 MTB races.

“Yeah, I am going out on that,” Ken says with a smile. “Elite Endurance has grown every year, and I have been feeling the shift from athlete to coach. Today, I fully embrace my identity as coach — coaching is who I am, what I am, and I am excited to see what the future brings.”

During high school, Ken wrestled varsity in a “wrestling-obsessed” town; he was part of two county and regional-championship squads. In college, he aspired to play tennis professionally and once he started to ride the bike as a way to gain superior fitness, cycling completely took over. In short time, with a complete obsession for everything training, Ken raced through the USAC categories and was one of the area’s top road racers.

“I started coaching back in 2005 when a triathlete and a mountain biker asked me to design their training — and both of them won, and Elite Endurance was born.”

Ken recalls why coaching is in his blood: “The transformation in college, from tennis player to cyclist to… to something else. I was riding faster, riding longer, my energy levels peaking. My physique slimmed from 178 to 160, and I was enjoying those long climbs up to the dorms. I began doing large group rides, I was immersed in exercise physiology courses — I was learning and riding and improving and dreaming and never in my life have I felt so alive. This experience, that magical memory of feeling like I’ve arrived on a bike, I yearn to give that to everyone.”

With Elite Endurance, what started with 2 athletes has grown to a strong nationwide presence, even in India, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand. Today, Elite Endurance employs both a full-time Creative Director and Associate Coach. Ken coaches road, MTB, and cyclocross athletes, as well as runners, duathletes, and triathletes in all four distances.

While not behind the desk or leading athletes at race venues, Ken rides his PowerCranks to stay fit, shreds the local singletrack on his Superfly 100, organizes and directs the local Wednesday Worlds cyclocross practices, and leads ride-run brick sessions with triathletes.